s1jobs’ Lavvy Heid TV advert gets flushed by London watchdog

One of Scotland’s most iconic TV adverts, s1jobs.com’s Lavvy Heid, has been banned from any future transmission by the TV advertising authority, Clearcast.

As part of s1jobs upcoming TV campaign, Lavvy Heid, among other s1jobs classic ads, was scheduled to hit our TV screens this May. But Clearcast, now based centrally in London, have not approved the advert despite it having been approved in Scotland when the advert originally aired.

Lavvy Heid, created by The Union advertising agency and produced by STV, was first televised in 2001 and features a young man making the wrong career choice and ending up walking the streets dressed as a toilet as part of a sales promotion. Local kids make fun of him shouting “haw Lavvy Heid, you’re getting’ it”. There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to the ad which can be seen athttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Oi-lavvy-heid-youre-gettin-it/113878515311168

The full ad can be seen at www.s1jobs.com/lavvyheidbanned

Clearcast ensure adverts being transmitted are compliant with the BCAP TV Advertising Standards Code and banned it on the grounds that the Lavvy Heid character was “enduring taunting and bullying” The advert was originally cleared for broadcast by regulators in Scotland and the BACC.

Mark Smith, s1 managing director said, “Lavvy Heid was part of our launch campaign for s1jobs.com and helped make s1jobs a household name in Scotland. For it to be banned by Clearcast is difficult to comprehend. It would seem they don’t understand good old fashioned Scottish humour.”

Ian McAteer, Group Chairman, The Union said, “There is no question that just because an ad was acceptable in the past does not necessarily mean it is right for today. But to hear that our ‘Lavvy Heid’ s1jobs ad, one of Scotland’s most popular and iconic ads, has been deemed unacceptable by Clearcast almost defies belief. The ad is clearly gently humorous – and given that in all the years it aired it did not cause offence, I can only assume someone has had a sense of humour by-pass. I also wonder whether Clearcast in London have a genuine understanding of Scottish and Glasgwegian culture and humour. Regulation in our industry is essential but if it starts to become subject to political correctness then I wonder where we are headed.”

s1, nominated best Scottish brand ever in 2007 along with Tennents, Irn-Bru and Glenmorangie, will continue with their planned campaign in May without Lavvy Heid. Other favourite ads such as ice-cream van, voted the best Scottish TV commercial of all time by Sunday Mail readers in 2003, and internet sensation Danny Macaskill will be shown.

The Lavvy Heid ad can be viewed atwww.s1jobs.com/lavvyheidbanned

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